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Its amazing how “Karma” Comes around and bites you in the place it hurts the most… I admit to not being a saint, i admit to taking things that weren’t mine and i admit to lieing and being manipulative. At the moment we seem like we can get away with everything but little do we know it all comes back. I never thought about the people i hurt when i did the things i did. i am truly sorry. i now know what it feels like to be on the other side of the grass… I have to hide my things and lock them up so that no one comes and takes it. I have to put up a front so that i can protect the things that are mine. IM TRULY SORRY FOR THE THINGS I HAVE DONE. “Karma” Came and she htit me hard… At first its all fun and games but when you take from the people that mean you good that is wrong and i admit to doing that. I Haven’t been the best child/adult and i havent made the best chioces in my lfe but in a way im grateful cause now i can see perfectly. now i know what its like. i cant believe it took me this long to realize it but now that i have…. im ditgusted! im disgusted in who i have became in live and now.. i want it to change The future is what our minds make it. well i want my future to be everything i ever wanted it to be… Im sorry if i have ever hurt you in any way. its not fair. now that im going threw what you went threw with me i understand why things are the way that they are now. Thank you for showing me the window when the door slammed shut in my face.. I AM TRULY SORRY!.

<33 Jannette Marie Ramirez

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